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Personal Testimonies

"I could go on and on about how edifying, convicting, and incredibly heart-rendering everyone of your messages are. Often as I'm listening , the message is so powerful that I literally have to stop, put my head down on the table and repent, pray or cry. I need to hear everything you are saying."

M. C. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Howard Morgan's messages are ever so powerful. I was so blessed to receive such a strong anointing of God. So many points he makes in his teaching have literally pierced my heart and I could feel the tears welling up inside me as the Holy Spirit witnessed to my heart through his teaching ministry"

D.K. Charleston, S.C.

"I want to say thank you for the way the lord has used your ministry in my life. Ever since I've been a child of god no church or ministry has impacted my life as yours has to build the Kingdom of God and to believe that the lord Jesus Christ wants to use all of his children"

A. B. Shirley, NY

"All of your teaching tapes are excellent and anointed. They have changed my life and have caused me to see the Kingdom of God and the power of God in a greater way. They really are a jump start to my spirit. Brother, be encouraged. The Lord has a unique way of using you in bringing His word alive and applying it to everyday situations."

R. A. Cave City, KY

"I just wanted to share with you the influence your teachings have had on my life. By putting into practice the principles and bible truths set forth in your teachings, my life has been transformed into a daily realization of the dynamic reality of Godâ™s word."

L. T. Albany, NY

"Dr. Morgan, your teaching ministry is beyond dynamic! It is so powerful, so life changing."

H. J. Cherry Hill, NJ

"I love the name of your ministry-Triumphant Living Ministries-without question your tapes certainly help people to do just exactly that. You have such depths of insight into everything you say. Praise God, I loved the tapes on spiritual warfare. I canâ™t find words for what all its brought me through. I just donâ™t know how to say "thank you" enough. I appreciate (more than you know) your tapes."

J.P. Union City, NJ

" I must tell you how much your teaching tapes have meant to me. I have played them over and over and have gotten so much precious "meat" from them"

A. C. Pittsburgh, PA

"Your teaching is just likes Jesusâ™- simple - and with a strong anointed impact. We are so blessed to have such an anointed teacher in the body of Christ. Thank You for your obedience."

C. L. Lincoln, VA

"Your teaching imparted depths of truth and opened revelation of Jesus and His bridal love for us. All of your messages are truly inspiring and faith building. Actually it is very difficult to express the depths of the truth and power expressed in these tapes. The truth of these messages makes me hungry for more of God."

N. O. Weedville, PA

"Every year I review your tapes and really receive a fresh revelation and blessing from them each time. Praise the Lord! God has placed a very powerful anointing on you and your (or His) messages. The body of Messiah is certainly in dire need of this type of multi-faceted "diamond" teachings. I love the way you deliver Godâ™s messages from the heart of God in your Jewish humor and background. Its always on a multi-level that we can grow with. That's why tapes are so valuable and the comparisons from the spiritual to the natural and vice versa are perfect. I am so thankful to God for you and your ministry. Thank You for being obedient to the call of God, may God mightily bless you and your family and your ministry. Blessings of Numbers 6:24-26 to you"

D. S. Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Your ministry has greatly blessed my family. My husband heard the Lord speak to him through your teaching on prayer. He said, "I have never had any one teach me the correct way to pray." He said he always got frustrated and gave up too soon. TODAY salvation, through your ministry, has come to our household! Thank You again.

L. S. Jacksonville, FL

"I bought your series "Upon This Rock," and on the way to church this morning I listened to the tape on repentance. By the time I got to church my dress was tear stained. The Holy spirit revealed the precious love and forgiveness of Jesus and His desire, and only desire, is to love us and have us love him as we draw near to him. I was healed and lifted up. I felt that love and His mercy what a blessing!

A. M. Clifton, NJ

"God used Dr. Morgan's teaching ministry to reveal His vision for my life and my soul has been refreshed. I am now ready to work for the Lord!"

L. G. Kingston, NY

"The blessings and joy Iâ™ve experienced with Dr. Morgan's teaching ministry are almost joy unspeakable"

S. D. Paramus, NJ

"Your teaching tape ministry is very powerful and anointed. It is fulfilling Godâ™s purposes in many lives. Your teaching ministry is like a love letter to the Body of Christ. Your ministry is greatly appreciated. I speak for many others when I say Thank You!"

S. M. Jacksonville, FL

"Dr. Morgan, I just had to write to you to say how blessed I am by your messages. God has really broken through in my life in a special way. He used you to touch one of my weak spots. I am now letting the Lord have his complete way in my life."

A. C. Brooklyn, NY

"I just had to write and tell you what a blessing your teaching ministry is to me. Iâ™ve heard many teachings on the Holy Spirit before, but never really got the understanding until now. Everything just opened up to me. Praise God, you are an excellent teacher. I can now go to the cross with joy and thanksgiving."

D. N. Sunrise, FL